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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I's Two!

Cade turned two on December 24. All week we have been teaching him to say "I'm two." Instead it comes out "I's two." It is tradition that we make a really special breakfast for the birthday person and we let them choose what they want to do for the day. Cade wanted to go sledding but with 60 miles per hour wind we decided to play around the house. (This might be the last year we can switch plans on him). That evening we had pizza, cake and ice cream all decked out in the spiderman theme with all of our family. I asked him in the store what he wanted for his birthday theme and for some reason he really really likes spiderman. Our new Christmas Eve tradition has been to celebrate his birthday. Though I never planned on having a Christmas baby we are blessed that his early arrival had no complications. What a blessing in itself!! We love you Cade!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

One Hot Christmas!!!

I would never wish anybody a fire in their home at any time but, especially around this season. It is rare for me to see a picture of Brian at work and this was in the local paper. He is the one on the left. Unfortunately this family lost most of their home and even a firefighter that lived close by that was not on duty came over to help because it turned into a grass fire and they needed to get all of the surrounding brush chopped and away from the fire.

As I think of these people and the heartache they are going through and will still be going through I am thankful for the many blessings that I have. I realize (though I have always known) what precious gifts I already have and to cherish them a little longer than usual.

This picture reminds me of all the things I love about Brian. Though his humor and quickness to make me laugh is very high on my list. I realize that even though he gets paid to help others, he would never hesitate to help someone regardless of pay. His willingness to serve others makes me strive to be a better wife and mother.

My precious gifts are all I really need this Christmas Season and am excited to share it with them. May you all have a Wonderful Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Love COOKIES!!!!

For Family Home Evening we were going to go and drive around and look at Christmas Lights and Decorations. We were predicted 1-3 inches of snow (closer to the 1 inch range) instead we got 10-12 inches of snow depending on where you live. Let me just say that the snow plow came onto our street and plowed it five times that I know of. Anyways, It was snowing so much and I came home at 3:30 from some errands and people were driving like the streets were bone dry. I decided we were not going out that it was a great night instead to make cookies after a dinner and a bath. It was quite successful because Brian and Cade did most of the work while I supervised!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Official...

Cade is going to be a BIG BROTHER!!! He really doesn't understand. Everytime we talk about a baby he goes to an ornament on the tree with a picture of him as a baby and points to it.

We are very excited and with even happier news I am pregnant with Katie (my sister in law) again. But instead of month's apart we are two days apart. The baby is due on June 8th but many of you know my complications of trying to keep Cade in and so unfortunately I am considered "high risk". That just means I have a lot more testing done than before. I am hoping to not be put on bed rest so, when I enter the third trimester I will probably take everything down to only what is necessary. Gratefully, I have my Mom and Brian to help out and they both have been great. They willingly take Cade wherever they are going so I can rest to keep this one in hopefully a lot longer than before.
Brian can't wait for another baby. Earlier this week he took me to dinner to celebrate the beginning of the Second Trimester. I love that he is so excited and we can't wait to see what a good big brother Cade will be.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin Carving.

Brian and Cade carved the pumpkin this Family Home Evening without me because I was not feeling very well. I just realized that Brian did not take a picture of the results and right now it is chopped up and in the freezer waiting to be made into a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and More Pumpkins!!!

For Family Home Evening we decided to visit the pumpkin patch for our second year. The patch was alot smaller this year because of the shortage of pumpkins. Cade found his pumpkin right away and then only wanted to play on the slides. When we got home I showed him a pumpkin flashlight that I got when I was pregnant for 25 cents. He loves it and now has to go to bed with it. It could be worse!! Happy Halloween!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

4th picture- Tagged!!!

Natalie tagged me and the tag was to post the fourth picture in my camera right now. We just got a brand new one and this is the fourth picture. Cade is sitting on the counter eating a snack of apples, grapes and tortilla chips. I don't know why that is just what he wanted.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tagged Again!!!! Crazy 8's!!!

This one is kind of quick and it really got me thinking about things. I enjoyed reading some answers and am excited to read others. Thanks Steph!!!!

8 Favorite Restaurants?:
1. La Cocina
2. La Cocina (love it)
3. Poor Boy's Steakhouse
4. Chili's
5. Olive Garden
6. Texas Roadhouse
7. Outback
8. Red Robin

8 Things I did yesterday?:
1. Kissed and Hugged Brian
2. Changed numerous diapers
3. Laundry
4. Watched Conference
5. Went to Kmart
6. Went to Becker Real Estate
7. Talked to Katie on the phone
8. Went to the Raney house while Brian and Brad went to the priesthood meeting

8 things I look forward to?:
1. More little ones
2. Bedtime
3. Brian to be home from his looooonnnnggggg shift
4. Christmas- We love Christmas
5. Halloween-excited to see Cade in his costume and trick or treating
6. Marty, Katie and the girls might come for thanksgiving.
7. Black out Friday or otherwise known as Friday after thanksgiving sale. I always get a rush doing it and have missed my partner in crime (Katie) the last few years.
8. Falling Snow- Brian and I have always (since we were dating) taken walks at night in the snow. It is peaceful and has lead to a lot of deep meaningful conversations. I think these were the moments that made me fall in love with him more and more.

8 things I love about Fall?:

1. Blankets
2. Sweaters
3. Hot Chocolate with Candy Canes or peppermint candies in it.
4. Cuddling
5. Teasing Brian with my cold feet. I hate socks!!!!!
6. Crackling Fire in the fireplace and not on the mountain or open range. Otherwise I hate them because that means Brian is usually away!!!!
7. Fall Decorations and Colors
8. Candy, Candy and more Candy

8 things on my wish list?:

1. All my children to live the gospel throughout their lives and keep the Savior close
2. Brian and I to grow old together and always hold hands
3. All my children to dream and try to achieve their dreams and never stop learning.
4. Always be Humble
and for little things......
5. Topsoil for my garden by this weekend
6. Finished Basement. It will be done next month but I wish it was sooner. I feel like we are going to burst with everything upstairs.
7.No mortgage
8. Happiness Always......I can always dream!!!

I now tag, Katie M, Katie B, Bobbi, Missy, Natalie, Amanda and Alicia.

Have Fun!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

FHE: At the "falls"

This past Monday we went to the "falls" on Casper Mountain for Family Home Evening with the Raney Family. We had a picnic dinner and hiked around for awhile. We had fun but, it was freezing and we quickly came down and had hot chocolate. It was great to get to know a little bit more of the the cute Raney family who moved here about a month ago from Washington. We had fun and thanks for "hangin" with us! Brian, Cade, Brad and Russell
Natalie, Callie, Brad and Russell
Brian and Me. Cade was having a tantrum because he wanted to play in the water. He is in the corner (like everyday it now seems HAHA!)
Callie kept posing and telling us to take her picture. Everytime I see this picture I have to laugh!! What a Cutie!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

No Hubbies or Kiddies Allowed!!!

We had such a blast this past weekend hanging out and enjoying each other's company! We left Casper and enjoyed dinner and a movie. Stayed up until 3 am talking and playing a "chick" game. Next day we shopped and shopped. It was great fun and thank you to all of the husbands that were willing to let us go and watch all of the kids! Kim and Kimber
Kimberly, Stephanie and Me
Eating Dinner!
At the Movies!
Eating Lunch at Red Robin!

Kimber and her "goodies"!

Friday, August 22, 2008

What a Ham!

I know this picture isn't very good but we only had the cell phone. Cade was playing outside at Grandma Martinez's house and proceeded to put a gatorade cap on his belly. His face was priceless when he accomplished his task. He really got it suctioned good because he needed help taking it off.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

El Guapo!!!!!!!! (Handsome)

Grandpa Martinez always calls Cade "El Guapo" meaning handsome or the the handsome one in spanish. I am a little biased and think he is but, especially after his first professional haircut.

I decided that Cade needed an actual haircut instead of my trim jobs every week. We decided to let Brian get a haircut first so that Cade could see that his Dad was not hurt. Cade was totally amazed and sat quietly in my lap watching. Cade's turn came up and he sat on this big cushy block and he did awesome. (We think it was because I do his hair everyday and it is the norm for him). I could not believe how well he did I. I also love and was sad that he looks just like a little boy and no longer a baby.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vacation Time!!!

Sorry I have taken soooooooooo long to post................it has been a crazy month of July and now I found the time and my camera. We went to visit Martin, Katie and the girls and had a ton of fun! We rented jet skis and rode on Katie's sisters boat. Cade, of course, loved the water and we could not get him away from the water. Thanks Martin, Katie and the girls for having so much fun with us and taking care of us. We love you guys!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Here we Come!

It has been awhile since I last blogged. We have been pretty busy just like everybody else. If it is not with a summer cold, flu bug, teething, working on our basement or working we are pretty much in our backyard. We bought Cade a wading pool and sandbox and he loves both. I wish he would play a little bit on his own so I can relax but he loves the water and the sand a little too much!!!

I do not let my dog drink the water from the pool. (just a side note) She was sniffing at the bugs floating around and Cade decided to imitate her. My pictures got a little mixed around and have not figured out how to fix that. I repeatedly told Cade to not lean over the edge because he would fall face in. Well, he continued and I decided that he needed to learn his lesson. I quickly snapped the picture and pulled him up. He was a little flabbergasted and his lesson was learned. He has not done it since!
Before he fell into the pool. He was trying to put sand in the pool but by the time he got from the sandbox to the pool the sand was in my grass instead. I put a stop to it pretty quickly. He got bored after awhile and just tried to scoop the water.
This is after I pulled him out of the water. He was drenched and mad but only for 30 seconds. Boys!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

He did It!!!!!

So, I usually like to include a picture with my blog. Unfortunately I cannot take a picture of a promotion. Yes, a promotion!!!! Brian is officially a Captain. (Now I can't say he drives around a firetruck.) After a lot of prayer and a lot of turmoil we found out that he was to be the newest captain at Natrona County Fire Protection District. He is beyond thrilled and I am estatic!!! Congrats Brian!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Casper Marathon!!!

Brian ran the casper marathon on Sunday!!! A marathon is 26.2 miles. The day was freezing at 40 degrees and very very windy. His time was 4 hours and 2 minutes. He was a little upset because he wanted under 4 hours. He has bad knees and on the last four miles his knee started to cramp up. I could tell he was in pain but he is not a quitter. I was a little worried because Cade and I would drive around and cheer him on and at the last stop before the finish line I kept seeing the other people he was with and no Brian. He eventually came around with this look of pain but determined to finish. I am so proud of him! He is now thinking about doing it next year. GOOD JOB BRIAN!!!!!
The finish line

He was to tired and freezing to want to take a picture. I can't blame him. He sat on that curb for awhile!!!