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Monday, February 22, 2010

We are still here!

Hey~ So.....no pics but since it has been forever since I posted (and I have heard all of your request) I decided to let you know what we have been up too. My stinkin" camera broke in September and I waited to get a new one during the "black friday" sale. Got one and am still trying to figure out how to use it. When I do, there will be a gallery of pics to go through.

Cade has officially started preschool. He loves it most days but sometimes is sad when I leave him. When I return to pick him up they tell me he forgot about me as soon as I walk out the door. Crazy! We love to see all of the art projects he does and the new songs he has learned. His new favorite saying right now is "what the heck?" (I must say that alot!). He has a new obsession with Buzz Lightyear and his first day of preschool they asked him what his name was, his response "buzz lightyear". The teacher laughed and said "glad to meet you". He is a riot!

Jackson is officially crawling around the house like crazy. Two days after learning to crawl he decided to start pulling himself up to his feet. I was a little nervous but stayed back to let him test the waters. Seriously, the second child sure does pick up on stuff alot faster. The other day, I saw Cade teaching him how to crawl up the stairs. I had a few heart attacks when I saw that. Besides getting his teeth, he is an awesome baby.

Brian is still busy as ever with work. He is playing basketball for the rec center with some church friends and loves it. They seem to play basketball every other weekend and one of them is getting hurt. They never learn and I just ignore it! His other spare time is spent with me and the boys. What can I say......I am selfish! :)

I have been learning how to maintain two hungry hyper active boys, a clean house, training to run a half marathon in June and trying to build our food storage. My main reason for not posting is that I am on the internet looking up things about food storage or couponing. My new year resolution is to get our food storage up to par. (I can't very well counsel it in my church calling and not do it myself.)

Well....that us in a nutshell. I hope to post pictures soon. Maybe the camera fairy will help me.