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Saturday, February 28, 2009

February.......What can I say?!!!???

Since I have not posted the whole month of February I decided to just show a few pictures of the things that have occupied our time!!!

1. Transfered Cade from his Crib to a Bed!!

2. Cade no longer has any interest - in any form - of a high chair and throws a huge tantrum if you even attempt to put him in one.

3. Got rid of the binkie's officially.

4. Attempting to Potty Train!!! YIKES!!!!

5. One trip to see the local Turkey's (that I almost ran over with my car because I was not paying attention to them crossing the road.) Our friend told us to feed them dog food and they LOVE dog food. Cade loved to chase them and got mad when we left. I was scared that they were getting to close and I hovered over Cade like an eagle that just found dinner. Brian thought I was being paranoid!!!

6. I made a blanket for each of my boys' with my mom's help! My mom is awesome! She helped out a ton! I have not sewed anything since I completed my Young Women's Personal Progress Project! Once I began I realized I remembered how to do it. I think Brian was impressed because he has never seen me sew anything, not even a button. ( I admit- I ask my Mom everytime!) I made a third one yesterday and am proud to say that I did 95% of the work! I think the next one I could probably do on my own.

Cade's is the basketball one! He loves basketball and is actually getting quite good at shooting at his little hoop and dribbling! Jackson's is on the right with a Rodeo theme.

7. Last but not least- Practicing good oral hygenie! ( This is everyday but I thought I should have 7 things!)

We hope your February was fun and exciting also and we look forward to March!