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Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 Yrs Old!!! Oh Boys!!!

We can't believe Cade is two and going to have a brother named Jackson to share all the fun with! What are we going to do??????
Cade with his dog named "Diggy". This is kind of funny but almost everybody that we hang out with at church knows that this is his favorite animal and that his name is "Diggy". I bought this dog in Las Vegas when I was pregnant hoping that he would love it. I think I forced it on him at first but now he always says to me "where's diggy?" His other very "loved" animal. His monkey "Jimby". What a goof!!!

Playing Peek a Boo with me!

So serious........

Monday, January 12, 2009


We woke up one morning and realized that it had snowed all night long. The second best part was Brian was off for the day and so we could go out and play in it. We got Cade all bundled up and headed out to the backyard. He had fun for about a minute......

and then got very BORED.... we loaded up in the truck and headed out to a "big hill"

It was ten times more fun and when they were on the top Cade would say 1.....2......3.........GO!!!!! Then all I would hear is "wheeeeeeeeee" down the hill. He loved every minute even though he was freezing. I really wanted to go down with him but decided that since I am "high risk", I shouldn't push my luck. Maybe next year!!!!!