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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pink, Pink and more Pink

While taking a shower, Cade found my nail polish bag and was playing with it. I was busy trying to hurry because we had some errands to run and was very behind and I was not paying attention to what he was doing. After a few minutes I smelled something funny! I looked out of the shower and Cade had put nail polish all over his clothes and hands. I freaked out, stripped him down and put him in the shower with me. After a second I realized the bathroom door was open and I went to investigate if any of the fushcia pink nail polish got onto my cream colored carpet. Thankfully, he panicked because he knows he is not suppose to be playing with it, and put the empty nail polish bottle back in the bag.

This was the best I could do with soap and water. I then had to use baby oil to get the rest off of his skin. That took forever! His poor hands are probably raw. I did not have any nail polish remover so, we went to Wal-mart with pink nails and my bathroom floor still not cleaned. Needless to say, everything is back to normal and Brian went to the store and bought a ton more shelving for our bathroom because this will not happen again.

Funny thing is after the incident, Cade was on his best behavior ever!